Herald - Issue 365

v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 3RD JANUARY v 6th December 2018 • The HERALD • Page 77 PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED School run drivers required to work for a friendly family run business located in the Totton area. Drivers must be flexible & reliable with a clean driving licence. A New Forest Private Hire licence would be an advantage. A Car and fuelcard will be supplied to the successful applicant This position would ideally suit a retired/semi retired person. Hours will be between 15-20 hours per week with good rates of pay. Please contact Paul or Ross on 023 8086 2040 between 9.30am-4.30pm or email drivers@tccsouthampton.co.uk HERALD RECRUITMENT Poets Corner JOB SEARCHING? LOOK NO FURTHER! GIVE MAYDAY PERSONNEL A CALL ON 023 8086 9986 The Shower by Dorothy Lockyer A camping holiday is quite a treat Though a camper van, a bit of a cheat Even so, there are challenges to come Like taking a shower, this is great fun! Campsite facilities differ you know I’ve yet to find instructions to follow. Each morning I make my intrepid way So I feel fresh at the start of the day. No room to move as some are so small You turn around and your nose hits the wall! Will the water trickle down or gush out? Too cold or too hot, that will make you shout. A great balancing act is now afoot As you stand on one leg to dry your foot! Then as you fall against the shower door Down goes the foot on the soaking wet floor! Trying to dress although still rather damp Stood on one leg trying not to get cramp Your foot gets stuck in your trouser leg You fall against the one and only peg! I emerge from the shower undefeated Hair dripping wet but ablutions completed Back to the van for a hot cup of tea A repeat episode tomorrow, maybe! Another new day Of sunshine and laughter, Now we are retired It should be happy ever after. It starts off so quiet. Our life is complete, But it begins to kick off As soon as he gets to his feet! “Where are my glasses? What have you done with my phone?” The hunt then begins Like a dog digging for his bone. Cushions are thrown. Clothes fly in the air. “Here they are dear” “Who put them there?” Breakfast is done It’s time to go out. So it’s “Where are my keys?” Of that I’ve no doubt. Through all the pockets, Jeans, jacket and coat. “Ooops they’re here in me bag’ Now don’t jump down me throat”. When he is driving, He swears and he curse, As every driver Is clearly the worst. “What are they doing? Shouldn’t be allowed on the road. Just get a move on Don’t you know highway code?” Next it’s horse riders and cyclist, That come under threat. Trying to get past He breaks into a sweat. “Shall we go home? Feet up and unwind.” I’m sure that would be best For the welfare of mankind. Let’s calm and destress. Slouch on the settee. Then he can moan About the rubbish on T.V. All characters in this poem are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. Grumpy Old Men by Marlene Parmenter The footprints in the snow, Lead to a stable door. And in the flickering light, with straw upon the floor, Lays a baby wrapped in cloth, a saviour to adore. The brightest star shines its light, In the darkest sky. And in the silence nothing heard, But a baby’s cry. To herald a new beginning, To follow by and by. The shepherds from the hills, Leave their flocks of sheep. To bow their heads in wonder, At the baby fast asleep. As angels looking from above, Their silent vigils keep. The wise men from afar, Come to their journeys end. With gifts placed at the manger, On their knees to bend. To thank god and rejoice, For his son on earth to send. So let peace be the watchword, On this your Christmas day. For Jesus was born so long ago, To show us all the way. To give love and help one another, Each and every day. THE FIRST CHRISTMAS by Jim Dolbear THE SNOW PRAYER by David K Wilson And he knew that Santa Claus had been And left his presents beneath the tree He was the little boy that worried Tears welled in his eyes Because the next day would be Christmas But no snow clouds filled the sky How would Santa find him? Would there be a way? But Jesus listened to his prayers And it snowed on Christmas day! The little boy was worried Tears welled in his eyes Tomorrow would be Christmas day There should be snow clouds in the sky! How would Santa find him? With sunshine on his face And how could reindeer pull the sleigh Without all that snow in place He hung his stocking by the fire As he sat on mummy’s knee He promised he would say a prayer For all the family She told him that she loved him lots And he should not worry so I’m sure that Santa will find his way Even without snow So he knelt beside his teddy bear And together loud they prayed Thank you Jesus for the sun But please let it snow today He explained that sledges don’t have wheels And how do reindeer fly? And please send snow clouds over quick To fill the evening sky He fell asleep quite quickly Perchance of snow to dream It would be Christmas very soon With turkey cakes and cream Then excitedly he woke up And at last t’was Christmas day And when he pulled back wide his curtains He saw the sun had gone away He gazed into the garden At a winter wonderland He couldn’t see any bright green grass Or his sand pit filled with sand But he saw two deep lines in the snow And hoof prints one two three Email Your Poems to The Editor at editor@herald- publishing.co.uk