Herald - Issue 448

Page 40 • The HERALD • 26th October 2023 v F @heraldpublishing v Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Professional, safe ear wax removal service delivered in the comfort of your own home. We use microsuction, water irrigation and manual ear wax removal to suit the different needs of our clients. To book your appointment please call Gosia on 07591 036071 or email: info@watersideearcare.com The Waterside Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Clinic www.thewatersideclinic.co.uk Jon Eyres and Associates • NECK AND BACK PAIN • PREGNANCY RELATED PAIN • ACUPUNCTURE • ARTHRITIC PAIN • ALL SPORTS INJURIES • SHOULDER/ARM PAIN Treatment by Chartered Physiotherapists and Registered Osteopaths Registered with all major health insurers and HCPC Tel: 023 8020 7764 First Floor, South Street Centre, Hythe, Southampton SO45 6EB Treatments include: Nail trimmings/filing Reduction of thickened nails Corns/Callus Ingrown toe nails Diabetic Foot Care Mini Foot massage For appointments please call Chloe 07587 071367 Appointments also available at The Waterside Foot Clinic, 177 long lane, Holbury SO45 2PA Chloe’s Foot Care Mobile Foot health practitioner WANT PERSONAL CHANGE WITHOUT EFFORT? by Alan Jones, Registered Hypnotherapist en nd a magician because there is no magic wand for helping you to lose weight, quit smoking, be con dent, or any one of the myriad of other issues that can limit your daily life. People o en claim to be ready and determined to eat less, exercise more, give up unwanted habits, reduce alcohol consumption. We want to feel better about ourselves, and our body shape and do things that we keep putting o because we fear failing. However, that commitment to change quickly disappears when we are faced with the reality of making even the smallest alterations to our lifestyle. If you really want to make changes, Hypnotherapy can help make your journey easier, however, you will have to really want the changes and put some e ort into the process. Contact by emailing: alan@ alanjoneshypnotherapy.com or call: 07786 376980 when you know you are ready for change. Waterfront and Solent Patient Participation Group e next Waterfront and Solent Patient Participation Group (WSPPG) open meeting will take place on Thursday 16th November, from 7pm, at Hythe and Dibden Parish Hall in West Street, Hythe SO45 6AA. e meeting is open to patients of all the Waterside practices (not just Waterfront and Solent). The Pharmacist Will See You Now As GP appointments are becoming harder to get, patients are being advised to see the Pharmacist rather than their GP. But what can the Pharmacist actually do for patients? Local Pharmacist Maz Maisuria-Clark will explain which services Pharmacies are able to o er now, and what is planned for the future. ere will be an opportunity to ask questions and a GP (or two) will also be present. Complementary tea, coffee and refreshments will be available and there will be a ra e to help pay for the hall. e WSPPG and guest speakers give their time freely and look forward to welcoming you to the meeting. Waterside Cancer Support Centre o ers a welcoming space to talk about your concerns. Our friendly volunteers will give you a cuppa and a listening ear, or maybe you’d bene t from counselling or some complementary therapy. Come and nd us at e Grove, 25 St John’s Street, Hythe (opposite Lidl) or give us a call on 023 8178 0409. We’re open for drop ins Monday to Friday from 10am until 1pm. Worried About Cancer? from Waterside Cancer Support Centre HEALTHY TIP: WORKING OUT YOUR HEART by the Health Promotion and Education Team at Heart Research UK Did you know that your heart is a muscular organ and beats about 100,000 times a day? is varies depending on your level of tness, but the bottom line is it has a BIG job to do. Although the cardiac muscle isn’t under voluntary control like the skeletal muscles in your body (you don’t have to tell your heart to beat!), it still requires working out. Here we share some tips on how to get started working out your heart. What exercise? A great way to work out your heart is to partake in some heart-pumping aerobic exercise, which is basically anything that gets your heart pumping faster. Lots of di erent activities fall into this type of workout such as brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, playing tennis and many tness classes such as boxercise or Zumba. Resistance training also contributes to a healthy heart, including working out with free weights or on weight machines. You can even do hand weight exercises while sat at your desk. How much? Doctors recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity, aerobic exercise per week. is could look like 30 minutes a day, ve days a week, or maybe some longer sessions on fewer days. In addition to aerobic exercise, aim for two sessions of resistance training per week. If you don’t already take part in exercise, start small, as any exercise is better than none. You can gradually work up to the recommended amount. The benefits Regular exercise has the potential to lower our blood pressure and heart rate which reduces the risk of heart diseases. It can also reduce the risk of developing other conditions such as type 2 diabetes. A combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training can contribute to healthy cholesterol levels. Moving more is one of the best things you can do for your heart health. For more tips on how to stay healthy, sign up for weekly healthy tips at: www. heartresearch.org.uk/health-tips.