Herald - Issue 448

26th October 2023 • The HERALD • Page 77 v THE NEXT HERALD IS OUT ON 16TH NOVEMBER v Poets Corner HERALD RECRUITMENT PART TIME SCHOOL RUN DRIVERS REQUIRED We are currently looking for new drivers to fill rewarding, part time roles in our busy, family run business. We specialise in transporting disabled and vulnerable children and young adults with a range of special needs to school’s across Hampshire. All applicants must be physically fit, 100% reliable and punctual with a pleasant attitude towards others. A New Forest District Council Private Hire License would be an advantage, however, we can help you obtain this. In return we offer good rates of pay and a reliable and well maintained company vehicle. Our working days are Monday-Friday and approximately 17-20 hours per week during term times. These positions may suit retired or semi-retired persons but all applicants are welcome. To enquire in the first instance, please email: schooltransportsouthampton@gmail.com He stands alone Whilst in a crowd In his green beret He still feels proud A hymn is played He sings out loud On a misty morning With a subdued crowd He remembers friends From days gone by The hard routines He can’t deny Training Under endless skies And the outside world Just passing by His medals gleam In the early ‘morn Hard fought honours Proudly worn He feels the hurt He feels the pain For those Who never got home again Each name called On Remembrance Day The years have passed Just slipped away Still he recalls faces In his mind Of the boys he knew Those left behind Last hymn sung Last Post played Time the healer Poppy day Many years roll back To the memories made With the unforgotten On parade He stands alone Remembrance Day With the boys he knew Back on parade He bows his head In his green beret With memories stored Of far off days GREEN BERET by David K Wilson© A Sure Cure for Depression by Isobel Smith © If I feel a bit depressed For relief I find this best – A jolly good clear out of my knicker drawer. Bras and slips reside there too Suspender belts for fun, there’s two But all muddled up, they make a messy knicker drawer. There are pants for everyday Which are turning slightly grey Close examination, rids them, from my knicker drawer. There are knickers kept for best And when it’s cold a thermal vest My life story, can unfold, within my knicker drawer. Some knickers stop below my tum While others vanish up my bum Those disasters don’t get put back in my knicker drawer. My depression soon retreats When my draughtsmans’ eye completes Lovey straight lines, packed with undies, in my knicker drawer. I Don’t Feel Guilty by Margaret Bell © I don’t feel guilty if I sit and look, I can drink my co ee whilst reading a book, Or if I want I can go for a stroll… Or join in with friends or not see a soul… I don’t feel guilty taking a trip to town, Buy lots of nice things and not even frown. I won’t feel guilty if I buy some lunch, Even though I’d already had brunch! I don’t feel guilty if I get up late, Even the cats breakfast will have to wait, Don’t feel guilty for not answering the phone, ey will probably think I’m not at home! Why should I feel guilty now I’m retired, I’ve worked all these years and never was red! I think I’ve earned time to do as I wish… Any feelings of guilt I will instantly dismiss… How silent is the night, Its darkness overwhelms me, When I can’t sleep, I yearn for morning to come. To awake once more, Breathe the cool morning air, And feel the warmth of the sun. What shall I do today, I think, with the weather set fair. No heroics or gymnastics for me For today is my 96th Birthday, An age quite rare. How Silent is the Night by George Jenkins © Download the ‘PERFECT LIFE’ App, a programme promising that life will always and in every way be perfect, guaranteeing you will live throughout your days, literally and metaphorically, in warm balmy sunshine. Everything you hope and plan for will come to fruition and the promises made by politicians and others will be ful lled. ose that want to will be endowed with the get-upand-go and easy access to the wherewithal to start their own business - business that never fails. e cost of living will never rise and standards never fall. Everyone will make the right decisions about everything. Nobody will make mistakes and misjudgements, and anyone criticizing something they think is wrong must also outline their infallible solution to that which they rail against. All this and so very much more is promised - and life will be perfect - just per c. Terms & conditions apply. e Fairy Tales Company. I can hardly wait!. However, until this Shangri-La comes to be I will just have to continue confronting life’s vagaries, coping with and adapting to its ups and downs, as will all those others like me that have had the opportunity to experience life over a span of more than ninety years, learning, as the man said, that – LIFE HAPPENS, TEACHING US HOW TO LIVE IT - IF WE LIVE LONG ENOUGH! An App a Day is Just a Click Away ... App-arently by Barry Weedon© As I went walking down a forest track I met this camel coming back. Do you know you can’t go there? I shrugged my shoulders said I don’t care. I wandered o around the bend, And sitting on the ground were ten men. Have you seen one camel; he’s run away. No I laughed, he’s gone o to play. ere he was sitting in a eld, Listening to the song of a lonely bird Hello there, so nice to meet. Come with me, I will buy a treat, A cup of tea and a bun to eat. He looked at me and began to cry, is is the time to say goodbye. For I must go home to sleep So, I will save this day for another treat. 17th August 2023 Camel’s Day Out by Lee Owers© Waking the Dead by Marlene Parmenter© It is that time of year, I can feel it in me bones. And I can hear my friends With their groans and their moans. We look forward to this day, When we party all night long. Where we rattle and stumble And sing our eerie song. e song of the dead Will mess with your head Exploding into your ears. e song of the dead Will ll you with dread Arousing your horri c fears. For we are the Zombies. e Hounds of Hell. Full of dark evil And a putre ed smell. We are such creatures at when we come into sight, Lurking out of the shadows, You will be paralysed with fright. Feel the breath on your neck As we prepare to sink in. To ll us with blood From that all tempting skin. e terror is real. You can’t move your feet. But you do have a choice. 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