Herald - Issue 452

Page 66 • The HERALD • 25th January 2024 v INDEPENDENT, LOCAL AND PROUD v ASK A PROFESSIONAL Property Transactions Requiring a Conveyancer by Louise Blacker, Solicitor with Jasper Vincent Solicitors ere are various reasons for a change of property ownership or an amendment to existing arrangements to re ect life’s twists and turns. People are o en surprised to learn that any dealing with an interest in property can only be completed by a solicitor or quali ed conveyancer. e advent of “registered title” to property has created the impression that property ownership is simple and that everything of signi cance is in plain view on the sheets printed from the Land Registry’s records. For most of us, life experience tells us that few things are so straightforward and dealings with land, or an interest in land which is not necessarily registered at the Land Registry, can be complex. e requirement for a quali ed person to oversee property transactions has always applied and the change to keeping records of land ownership electronically, dispensing with the beautifully cra ed Deeds and documents of years gone by, have not a ected this necessity. It is also sometimes the case that the parties involved in any property dealing have a potential con ict of interests and they need to be separately advised. is is not always evident at the outset, and only when the nature of a transaction is considered within the context of land law and the professional guidelines which govern the work of conveyancers does it become clear that what is required is more detailed than had been assumed. Estate planning may also give rise to the need for alterations to property ownership to ensure that assets pass to your chosen bene ciaries in the correct proportions. It is essential that property titles accord with the stipulations in your Will if your wishes are to take e ect. e experienced team here in Jasper Vincent’s Waterside o ce is very happy to help with all of your property questions and needs as well as any Wills and Estate Planning. Louise Blacker, Solicitor with Jasper Vincent Solicitors 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Will in Place by Heritage Will Writing 1. Ensure your estate goes to the right people Having a will in place gives you the control of what happens to your estate and assets once you have passed away. Whilst we all hope that we are around for years to come, sadly that is not always the case. It’s important to have the right planning in place today to cover any sudden events. 2. Choose who will manage your affairs upon your death Executors are the people appointed by you, in your Will, to carry out your instructions and, as such, should be people that you trust, implicitly. You need to make sure that the people you choose are happy to take on the role. e role of an executor is an important role and shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing who will manage your estate a er you have passed away. 3. Nominate who will take care of your children If you have children under the age of 18 or who lack the capacity to look a er their own a airs, you need to decide who should be responsible for their welfare, a er you’ve gone. A guardian will be responsible for all your children’s daily needs, including food, housing, health care, education, and clothing. And if you don’t nominate a guardian in your Will, a court will have to choose one for you. 4. Provide a home for your pets e law considers pets to be property, so you can’t leave any assets to your pet with your Will, but for those animal lovers amongst us, it is important to know your pet will be looked a er in the event of your death so having a Will in place will allow you to choose a trusted friend or family member to look a er “Fido”. 5. Marriage and Co-habiting Did you know that marriage revokes an existing Will? Don’t let the excitement of newly wedded life forget this important step in your planning together. If you are not married but are living together, your partner does not automatically inherit from you. Make sure you both have a Will in place to protect one another for the future. Contact Heritage Will Writing today to discuss your Will planning requirements on 023 8087 9243 or email info@heritagewillwriting.co.uk